Helpful Long Term Care Options for Facilities and Services

There are more to long term care benefits than just assistance from caregivers. There are also health check-ups, medical treatment, social activities, and even transportation and meals. As a senior, you have a lot of long term care options as regards facilities to choose from. However, your long term care insurance policy must support the coverage for a specific facility.

Nursing Homes

When people say long term care, you may immediately think of a nursing home. However, not all seniors may need long term care in them. In fact, nursing home accommodation is intended for seniors with serious medical complications such as respiratory and kidney problems.

Aside from medication and therapy, nursing homes also provide you assistance with daily tasks, healthy food, and rehabilitation aid. Your stay in a nursing home depends on how bad your health condition is. Bedridden patients or those with advanced mental complications may have to stay for an indefinite period of time.


Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities have a lesser degree of medical care compared to nursing homes. You may reside in them along with 30 other seniors – or even with as many as more than 100 seniors. People in assisted living facilities have their own personal living spaces, but meet and conduct activities at common areas.

This type of facility generally offers you basic long term care. You receive meals, home maintenance, and security services along with regular assistance and help with medication.

Board and Care Homes

If you want less company, then opt to live in board and care homes. These facilities offer you privacy, although some board and care homes may require you to share rooms with other seniors. You can have three meals a day and caregiver assistance. However, nurses and medical instruments are generally absent in board and care homes.

Adult Day Care

One of the long term care options that you can select is adult day care. Seniors get long term care services within secure facilities on weekdays and stay in their homes on weekends. Adult day care is recommended if you need rehabilitation and therapy.

Senior centers are part of adult day care. These centers provide you food and recreational activities that suit aged people. They even have classes that can arouse your interest and creativity such as lessons about making handicrafts. Senior centers accommodate older adults with healthy states of mind.

In-Home Care

Of course, you have the option to receive long term care within your own home. Family members and other relatives can take care of you. Otherwise, insurance policies cover the payment for caregivers who will visit you and provide your long term care needs.

Caregivers help in what you do for everyday living such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and going to bed. There are personnel who can cook your meals and do your household chores. You may even ask nurses to visit your home for health check-ups, changes in medication, and other necessary medical procedures.

Choose the right type of facility from these long term care options. Find one that is compatible with not only your long term care requirements but also your preferences.




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