How Can LTC Insurance Help You Protect Your Assets?

Long-term care insurance, not only secure financing your future long-term care expenses, but also protects your assets so you will have something to pass on to your heirs

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How will you pay for long term care? The sad fact is that most people don’t know the answer to that question. But a solution is available.

Many baby boomers are opting to make long term care coverage an important part of their retirement strategies. The reasons to get an LTC policy after age 50 are very compelling.

Your premium payments buy you access to a large pool of money which can be used to pay for long term care costs. By paying for LTC out of that pool of money, you can help to preserve your retirement savings and income.

The cost of assisted living or nursing home care alone could motivate you to pay for an LTC policy. Genworth Financial conducts a respected annual Cost of Care Survey…

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Long-Term Care Insurance – Delving in to Possible Future Situations


As more and more people think that they do not need long term health care insurance, they fail to notice that it will do them more harm than good. People think that this kind of insurance is only for people who want to have a luxurious life in the future, and that it is only for people who earn significantly higher than the average. On the contrary, US Department of Health and Human Services says that 70% people will need long term care above the age of 65.


Since mortality rate nowadays is higher than those of before, people will live longer, hence, will need more help from other people when they cannot do basic everyday tasks anymore. And sometimes, assistance and care needed isn’t free at all. There and there will always be expenses such as the payment if you need to go to the doctor for a check-up, the payment for the caregiver you are hiring, the payment for the facilities, and even the expense for your transportation.


If you haven’t planned for your future yet, are you be willing to sacrifice and allocate your money and other assets to health-related and long term care expenses? Will your assets and out-of-pocket money be enough to cover all the expenses for the longevity of the years you will live post-retirement age? Do you think that you will be able to pay for the other expenses brought by daily living and of the old age at the same time?


A Look at the Long Term Care Insurance


Long-term care insurance is the service given to elderly people – the seniors – that are basically home or community-based. It is a long term care that centers on the assistance of the basic daily activities such as moving, eating, dressing, using the toilet, and taking a bath. Since older people get weak faster than they were younger, they, more often than not, need more assistance to perform simple tasks.


Almost everybody reaches this stage in life wherein people cannot move freely and easily anymore like they used to. Sometimes, even more complications regarding the health matters arise from this condition which makes a person’s life even more complicated than it already is. That is why you must start early in planning what to do in these kinds of situations so to avoid rush decisions that could bring you even more problems than you could handle at the time.


Ideally, you should start saving up and investing in long term care insurance when you still have the time, energy, and resources that you will need. It is when you are younger that you are farther and less prone to have sicknesses and complications that will affect your health, that is if you have a balance diet, well-fitted and in good health. This is the ideal time to start planning because you could still decide on how your life will go about, figure out what kind of long term care you will need, and be able to allocate your properties and resources where you want them to be designated.


Think about your properties and the assets that you have presently. Mind your health and age and see what will you or your family need someday and prepare for it. Mull over purchasing a long term health care for your future and see how much difference it can make.


Private Home Care Offers Affordable Alternative


Home health care is preferred by majority of long-term care recipients due to the incomparable freedom and comfort. In addition, the greatest benefit that home care provides is the companionship of family members and loved ones. Home care is also the most affordable of all long-term care settings. Infolongtermcare provides few more reasons why home care is more beneficial, take a look here for practical advantages of home care

Claude Pepper Center

With the costs of long-term care rising, private homes in Florida can offer a more intimate feel while potentially saving more money than traditional options such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities.


Photo credit: Universal Pops. Easton-Hancock House. Flickr Creative Commons.

Barbara Peters Smith. Private-home care could become more common for elders. Herald-Tribune. Jan 23, 2014:

“And this informal business model could prove popular in the next decade for baby boomers retiring to Florida with experience in geriatric care — and perhaps not enough money to afford the kind of home they’d like to own.

As with the burgeoning home health care industry, the entry of more providers into this field — particularly without oversight — expands the potential for abuse.

“It’s pretty much part of the landscape, and it’s going to be growing,” says Larry Polivka, director of the Claude Pepper Center for aging studies at…

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How A Life Insurance Policy Can Fund Your LTC

When the need for long-term care suddenly arise, we are faced with the dilemma on how to finance it’s cost and how to deal with it emotionally. A fact that most people are not well-informed is that they can use their life insurance to fund long-term care expenses. Life insurance is considered an asset, therefore, instead of ignoring its value, we must keep in mind that this asset plays an important role in helping us sustain our loved one well being by financing long-term care expenses. Current cost of care can drain lifetime savings, even if you have ample amount of savings. The product itself will continue to evolve in order to meet the the demands of the increasing number of people needing care.

Longtermcareinsurancescottsdale's Blog

The costs of long-term care are increasing every year, but most families do not understand what they will be confronting when it is their time to start paying for care. Too many people wait until they are in the midst of a crisis situation before they start trying to figure out how the world of long-term care works.

Most people want to remain financially independent and in control of their care decisions for as long as possible. People do not want to go onto Medicaid, yet consumers lack awareness and are unprepared for how they are going to cover the costs of Home Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Care, or Hospice. It is a subject typically ignored until a loved one is in immediate need of care.

There are ways to help people find solutions to their long-term care needs and problems. The best way to get help is to…

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Podcast #4, Long-Term Care Insurance

People are indeed living longer and the need for long term care and long term care insurance is is the cost. If we haven’t plan on getting one yet, there is no reason to delay it much longer. Prevention is always better than cure so they say, and getting long term care insurance is much more better than being sorry when the need arises and you have not planned on when and where you are going to get the care that you need. Long term care insurance as discussed in is a way to safeguard our future and secure our assets by making sure that we will not be spending our life’s saving into paying care out of pocket. We only need careful planning before purchasing one, to make sure that we get a policy that best suits our needs and preference.

Your Wealth Curve

Protecting Yourself from the Cost of Long-Term Care

In this episode of Your Wealth Curve, I sit down with Susan Kobara of Commonwealth Financial in San Diego, CA, for a discussion on long-term care insurance. Susan joined Commonwealth in 2008 as their expert and primary point of contact for long-term care insurance after working for years in the industry in both policy sales and product development. At Commonwealth, she specializes in helping financial advisors address with their clients the need for protection against the catastrophic risk of health care costs associated with the need for long-term care.

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

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Long term care insurance dilemma:: Should I buy or should I not now?

There has always been a between getting insured for long term care insurance or not. As people age, they are torn on deciding whether to buy this kind of annuity or if they would be better self insuring. Before making any decision, we must be able to weight the pros and the cons of having long term care insurance. This kind of policy does not come cheap but if we compare the benefits that we can get, we will surely get to know the the advantages far outweigh the cost of premiums.


Long Term Care Policies

My clients inquire about long term care – they get right to the point of applying and hang up on the horns of this question.  It always reminds me of that song by the punk group The Clash in the 80s.  In wild, head banging furor, they declaimed the lovelorn question:  should I stay or should I go now?

Like the question proposed by our punk poets, it is one that would be easier to answer if we could just see the future.  After all if we knew we were going to be in a nursing home for  2 years, the insurance would certainly be the smarter buy.  Or, if we knew we would have a heart attack just be gone, we’d be quite content having not bought and saved all our money.

So…sans crystal ball, what is a person to do?  Ultimately it is about which mistake you want…

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Long Term Care Studies on Health and Insurance Costs


Shopping around for long term care insurance? Do you want to know why you need to compare several quotes from different insurance providers? Long term care is a serious issue that you need to care about. Long term care studies show that many people in the United States are not aware that Medicare does not generally cover future health care expenses. With 80 percent of families in America needing long term care services, it is important that you understand how an insurance policy can help you secure your future.


What does Long Term Care really mean?

Generally, long term care covers what is known in healthcare as activities of daily living or ADLs.  These are daily self-care activities within an individual’s place of residence or in an outdoor setting, sometimes for both. Bathing and showering, eating, bowel and bladder management, personal device care and functional mobility are examples. If you are unable to meet two or more of these activities on your own, you are then considered a candidate for long term care. Most of the time, old individuals and young people with disabilities have problems performing ADLs on their own.


Long term care can be received from services and facilities that are vital in helping the individual to be at ease. Some of the most common facilities available for long term care are nursing homes, assisted living facilities and community based assistance services.


Does Medicare cover Long Term Care?


Medicare is the country’s social insurance program, created by the U.S. government in 1965. As an insurance program, Medicare guarantees Americans over the age of 65 and also younger individuals with disabilities including those with specific diseases access to health care. Although Medicare is helpful in many ways, it does not generally pay for long term care. With that said, if you are still fit to work and are earning well, you might as well consider purchasing long term care insurance.


Long Term Care Insurance and Cost                                                               


Since the cost of care is constantly rising, you can help protect your family from getting bankrupt by purchasing long term care insurance. Today, there are many websites that will make it easy for you to shop and compare long term care quotes. Furthermore, licensed insurance specialists can help you understand the basics of long term care planning. Their specialists can provide excellent advice whether this type of insurance is really for you.


If you are wondering how much this type of insurance costs, the answer is that it varies from one insurance provider to another. Insurance carriers consider various factors when determining the premium of an applicant. Important factors that drive the price of LTC insurance are your age and your present health condition. Insurance companies also have different coverage and limitations and these factors also affect the price of the insurance premium.


After numerous long term care studies, LTC insurance is now seen as a necessity. It empowers you to take control of your future. If you’re thinking about purchasing this type of insurance, talk to different private insurance providers. They will give you the basics of LTC and advise you on the best steps to take in planning for your future.



Interesting Story of a Family that Benefited Greatly from Long -Term Care Insurance

This is an inspiring story of a man who planned his future decision indeed. In the story, Larry is a very successful man with a bright future ahead of him, considering he holds one of the lucrative position in the company, however, at a young age of 46 he had a condition that require him to be on long term care. Good thing he had secured his future.

Be as wise as Larry, be aware of the impact of long term care and the devastation it could bring if you had not prepared for it. Educate yourself.


Do The Right Thing Insurance

This man had it all and when his life changed, he still has it all thanks to proper planning. Worth the 4 minute time investment.

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What Plans Have You Made To Pay For Long Term Care During Retirement?

Retirement planning is an intense issue because many people neglect to include long term care in their plan. Saving for future is indeed important, however, we do not want to deplete our lifetime savings paying for care out of pocket, it would be devastating. The money that we save from years and years of working should be spend in enjoying our golden years, unfortunately, if we fail to include long term care planning, we maybe facing this risk sooner or later. This is the very reason why long term care insurance is necessary despite having retirement plans. It is important that we safeguard our asset and plan early if we have resources to fund future long term care needs.


The Insurance Barn


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Planning for the Long Term

The problem that lies beneath long term care (LTC) insurance is that people only see the rate hike and the price of the premium, they tend to overlook the cost of care which is way higher than the premium. An ltci policy may cost you about $1,000/year depending on how you tailored your plan but the advantages you get far outweighs the cost of ltci. It does not only gives you financial advantage, but peace of mind as well, knowing that you will not be a burden to loved ones and that you will get the quality of care when and where you need it.

Here’s a guide to long term care planning: so you get to decide which policy suits your needs and preference.


As the Baby Boomer generation reaches traditional retirement age, there is more to worry about than whether or not their money will provide for basic living expenses throughout their retirement years.  Due to a number of factors, the reality is, Americans are living longer.   A century ago, the average American lived to the ripe old age of 47 years.  However, along with the passage of time, there has come a greater awareness of preventative lifestyle choices and major advances in healthcare; both resulting in the average life span rising to 77 years. ¹ Due to these factors, people must plan for a longer period of time spent in retirement.  In addition to funding one’s retirement, we encourage our clients to mitigate the risks that can derail their retirement plans and deplete their retirement savings.  One such risk, that is sometimes overlooked, is failing to plan for their long-term personal…

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