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Elderly Disease…

stone age

With old age comes illnesses and other health complications. Most chronic diseases are associated with aging. For elders who have hired the expertise of formal caregivers, they have someone who understand how to understand and care for them. However, this is costly..unless you have long term care insurance, everything is taken cared of. This is the importance of having ltc insurance which many people overlooked. Studies show that many Americans are considering getting one but only a few have actually purchased it. Seniors who have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses require special care and attention. It is important therefore to have a better understanding of these illness so we can cope up with it effectively.



Holidays for Caregivers



In a recent study, there are more than 65 millions who are providing care to a loved one. They encounter stress and difficulties in a day to day basis. With the holidays still in the air, the lever of stress and depression that these caregiver experience gradually increase. They become overwhelmed with all the duties and celebration, not to mention that the caregiving task is already taking its toll on their family and personal life. They feel more pressure in taking care of the elders and their own kids as well during the holidays. However, it is still important for caregivers to be healthy and stress free in order for them to fulfill their duties. And one of the best way to reduce stress and pressure is to take a break…away from all of the things brought about by caregiving. You might wonder how will you be able to do this if you are tied up with all the responsibilities of being a care giver?  It doesn’t really mean that you will totally ignore or neglect long term care recipients, you may still enjoy your holiday break with them. You can still tag them along and organize a party with fellow caregivers and their care recipients. Prepare foods that is healthy for you and your care recipients, ask friends to help you out. This way, you may be able to celebrate every occasion from thanksgiving to new year – stress free…



Why You Should Age in Place..

living will


No one ever wants to be in a vegetable state, be it young or old. But if you want to age with joy and grace, you might at well plan your future early. More and more Americans are living longer now, and with old age comes health complications which may require long term care. And you don’t want to belong to the group that’s going to struggle in paying care out of pocket.  Be wealthy, in health and financial stability – here are good reasons why you should plan ahead to age in place:

A Merrier Christmas to Long Term Care Recipients



Wouldn’t it be nice to receive a postcard like this one? Especially for long term care (LTC) recipients, Christmas will be merrier for them if we give a Christmas card or postcard like the one above. Why don’t we share the holiday cheers and send this to our loved ones. These cards can be shared via social networking sites or you can print them out so you can personally hand it. There are other cards to choose from:

Retirement planning….

retirement plan

Was able to come across this funny caricature…and ended up with a realization that majority of Americans have not planned for their retirement. Usually, people save money but do not realize that having savings is not enough. We should be able to save enough money to sustain the way of living we had while we were working, and many hasn’t done this…this is the very reason why many people go back to the workforce after retiring. For some, they invest in health and life insurance, but forgot to consider long term care (LTC) insurance. Do not underestimate ltc insurance, because as we age, there is a big possibility that we will be needing long term care services. It is therefore important for every American to think of its significance. Do not take chances or leave planning to fate.  When we grow older, we are mostly on our own, so don’t procrastinate. Plan and safeguard your future while you’re young.


Long Term Health Care for Seniors

“When I was younger, I looked forward to getting up early in the morning to exercise. Now, getting out of bed in the morning
is my exercise”




When we were young, we run, jog, work out, play basketball and even go to the gym….because we still can, because we have time for it…because we make time for it. There are many benefits we get from doing exercise, and we should still do it even if we are old, before we get too old. People who have long term care (LTC) insurance thinks that when they age, life will be boring and they will be spending the rest of their lives just sitting on a wheelchair and chatting with other seniors. This is absolutely wrong! There are still physical activities that are intended for elders which would not only help them prevent diseases, but will also increase their life span and maintain proper health. Although some work out may not be recommended, fitness guru have developed programs that would suit their conditions. Don’t let aging hinder you from things you might enjoy doing, live you life and enjoy it.


Avoiding Miscommunication with Long Term Care Recipients

People tends to have some behavioral and physical  changes as they grow old. It affects many aspects of their life, thus resulting to miscommunication.



Since senior is prone to having mood swings, having effective communication with elderly lets you cope up and understand them. Once there is a slight problem in communicating and interacting with them, this is when you start complicating the situation. Learn how to communicate with seniors with these methods:



Fun Activities with long term care recipients

Seniors can still enjoy doing physical activities

Seniors can still enjoy doing physical activities

Long term care recipients can still participate in doing physical activities in the safety of their own home or within the facilities. Let us not limit their capabilities in just watching TV or reading books, they can still enjoy indoor activities. You can ask for the help of friends and family members to join you so it would be more fun. Check out other activities that seniors may enjoy regardless of they physical and mental conditions:

Comparing Long Term Care Insurance Policies

Today, there are various long term care insurance policies being offered in the market. Though differing in coverage and premiums, their primary role is to protect you against the impact of long term care on your life, finances and even your loved ones. Should you find yourself in a situation wherein you’ll be needing care, you will not feel rattled or threatened if you are a holder of this insurance plan.

Shopping around for a policy can be confusing. Dealing with quotations and insurance language can be tedious. Add the fact that agents are doing everything in their power to persuade you into purchasing their product. When all these piled up and you find yourself being confused, stop for a moment and retrace your steps back to the main reasons why you are buying an insurance policy in the first place.

Let’s go back to what your needs are.

If you’re on the lookout for the best policy there is, we suppose that you already have your needs figured out. If you don’t, then that’s probably where your confusion rooted from. Having a clear picture of your future needs lets you know what to look for in the long term care insurance policies being offered to you. If you don’t have that, then you don’t know what you’re searching for in the first place.

In order to have an idea as to what your future care requirements would be, it’s best to consult a doctor, preferably one you have been consulting for years. A medical expert such as your physician can determine the future state of your health and with that, the type of care you’ll need will also be determined.

Once you’ve got your future requirements figured out, it will be easier for you to select the care settings that your policy covers. This refers to the facility that administers different levels of care. If your care requirement is low, then you can go for in-home care which involves assistance in basic activities such as bathing, getting dressed and eating. This also covers homemaker services. On the other hand, if you are likely to develop conditions that require a higher level of care, be sure to include nursing home care in your benefits.

Your premiums are defined by how comprehensive your policy is. Sure, you can reduce its cost by excluding certain features such as inflation protection, limiting the facilities that your benefits can pay for or signing up for a plan lasts only for a few years as opposed to a lifetime plan.

If you’re on a budget, it’s just normal to think of ways to lessen the price of your policy. However, going for a narrow coverage just so you can cut back on insurance costs can backfire in the future should you need more coverage after you have exhausted your benefits. This can result to huge out-of-pocket payments that can damage your nest severely.

The key in comparing long term care insurance policies is having a clear picture of what your needs are. Remember that every decision you make with regards to long term care will root from this. Having a clear picture of your future requirements is no doubt essential in acquiring the best policy for you.



Long Term Care and Aging

More people are anxious about the rising cost of long term care insurance

More people are anxious about the rising cost of long term care insurance

For the last five years, long term care providers have increased the rates of long term care insurance. This is the main reason behind the statistics that 80% of Americans have not prepared for their retirement. For some people, who are at risk of getting long term care in the future, especially those with limited resources, seek the help of their adult children. And now with the filial responsibility law, there is a provision that puts the responsibility into the shoulder of adult children if their parents can’t afford it.  It is thus a necessity to discuss getting this kind of annuity among family members while they are young. With this, you have the chance to pay premiums at a lower rate and you can better manage your financial assets.

Are you prepared? Or are you at risk?……