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Private Home Care Offers Affordable Alternative


Home health care is preferred by majority of long-term care recipients due to the incomparable freedom and comfort. In addition, the greatest benefit that home care provides is the companionship of family members and loved ones. Home care is also the most affordable of all long-term care settings. Infolongtermcare provides few more reasons why home care is more beneficial, take a look here for practical advantages of home care

Claude Pepper Center

With the costs of long-term care rising, private homes in Florida can offer a more intimate feel while potentially saving more money than traditional options such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities.


Photo credit: Universal Pops. Easton-Hancock House. Flickr Creative Commons.

Barbara Peters Smith. Private-home care could become more common for elders. Herald-Tribune. Jan 23, 2014:

“And this informal business model could prove popular in the next decade for baby boomers retiring to Florida with experience in geriatric care — and perhaps not enough money to afford the kind of home they’d like to own.

As with the burgeoning home health care industry, the entry of more providers into this field — particularly without oversight — expands the potential for abuse.

“It’s pretty much part of the landscape, and it’s going to be growing,” says Larry Polivka, director of the Claude Pepper Center for aging studies at…

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Long Term Care Quotes – Do I Need Long Term Care?



Sadly, only a few people plan early for retirement. Some don’t even realize how important long term care planning is to retirement. What is long term care and do you need insurance to cover its services?


Long term care refers to services offered to elderly and disabled individuals. Long term care services include personal care assistance, housekeeping, medical and skilled nursing activities. With the high cost of care, it is important to prepare for the possible cost of these long term care services. Long term care insurance can help. You can even start at this moment and save money for long term care.


What Statistics Say About Long Term Care


Studies show that people are living longer and needing more and more assistance. Statistics also reveal that 70 percent of people age 65 and above will need some form of long term care assistance during their lifetime.


It is important to know that although the government can help, people should not solely to what the government can do. The administration is even encouraging people to buy long term care insurance. The most effective way to ensure your future is to study long term care insurance and compare rates. Having long-term care insurance gives you control over your finances in case you need it in the future.


What Is Long Term Care Quotes and How Can It Help You?

The insurance industry is a competitive world. Today, there are several insurance companies fighting for clients to sign up for their products. Some even revamp their marketing strategies to boost sales. One of their strategies is to improve their online campaign by installing a computation tool on their official website that will allow consumers to get an estimate amount of long term care insurance.

The long term care quotes estimator will ask several questions like your age, your marital status, your state of residence and your long term care preference. These are asked because these pieces of information will determine the cost of insurance. That is why it is important that you accurately answer the form so that you will receive precise estimation as well.


Moreover, the website will ask if they can call you and when is the best time for you to answer their call. They call not to force you to buy their products but to find out more about yourself. Like most insurance, they are interested to know about your health and family medical background. This will determine your risks of needing long term care.


The long term care insurance agent can also discuss with you about the different features that you can include in your plan like the inflation protection rider. This rider will protect your long term care plan against the increasing cost of care.


With so many long term care insurance companies today, it is important to find the right one that will offer you the best insurance products. Start looking for the best LTCi plans by requesting for a free long term care quote online.









Caregivers Trials and Tribulations

As the aging population increases, the demand for long-term care services increases as well, so is the demand for caregivers. A big percentage of individuals providing care are family members of long term care dependents, and a lot of baby boomers are relying on loved ones and family members to provide care for them as well. The reason for this is because family members do not require salary unlike licensed caregivers, home care is also cheaper compared to other long-term care settings.

AARP conducted a research on caregivers and caregiving and results showed that there may be fewer caregivers in the coming years due to the increasing demand for long term care. One reason is the increase in longevity and the current living situation of most men and women who may either be divorced or childless. However, if you only rely on family members, you might not be receiving appropriate and quality care when and where you need it due to financial constraints. And even if you have ample amount of savings, you can easily deplete it if you will be needing care for several years.





The Long Term Care Guy Blog

The New York Times recently reported that caregiving is set to become the number one profession in the USA by the year 2020, overtaking retail.

This tells us there are a tremendous number of people caring for an individual needing long-term-care (LTC) services.  Whether they are working as a professional caregiver, or are caring for a family member, the stress is similar.  Today I am referring to an April 1 article in the USA Today newspaper concerning the depression that comes from doing this work.

The article mentions that 64% of those caring for disabled veterans have jobs.  On average, they miss about a day of work each week.  Twenty-eight percent quit work due to their caregiving duties.  Sixty percent say they are under constant financial strain.  Many of these caregivers are aging themselves and worry what will happen to the loved ones they care for when they can no…

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Helpful Long Term Care Options for Facilities and Services

There are more to long term care benefits than just assistance from caregivers. There are also health check-ups, medical treatment, social activities, and even transportation and meals. As a senior, you have a lot of long term care options as regards facilities to choose from. However, your long term care insurance policy must support the coverage for a specific facility.

Nursing Homes

When people say long term care, you may immediately think of a nursing home. However, not all seniors may need long term care in them. In fact, nursing home accommodation is intended for seniors with serious medical complications such as respiratory and kidney problems.

Aside from medication and therapy, nursing homes also provide you assistance with daily tasks, healthy food, and rehabilitation aid. Your stay in a nursing home depends on how bad your health condition is. Bedridden patients or those with advanced mental complications may have to stay for an indefinite period of time.


Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities have a lesser degree of medical care compared to nursing homes. You may reside in them along with 30 other seniors – or even with as many as more than 100 seniors. People in assisted living facilities have their own personal living spaces, but meet and conduct activities at common areas.

This type of facility generally offers you basic long term care. You receive meals, home maintenance, and security services along with regular assistance and help with medication.

Board and Care Homes

If you want less company, then opt to live in board and care homes. These facilities offer you privacy, although some board and care homes may require you to share rooms with other seniors. You can have three meals a day and caregiver assistance. However, nurses and medical instruments are generally absent in board and care homes.

Adult Day Care

One of the long term care options that you can select is adult day care. Seniors get long term care services within secure facilities on weekdays and stay in their homes on weekends. Adult day care is recommended if you need rehabilitation and therapy.

Senior centers are part of adult day care. These centers provide you food and recreational activities that suit aged people. They even have classes that can arouse your interest and creativity such as lessons about making handicrafts. Senior centers accommodate older adults with healthy states of mind.

In-Home Care

Of course, you have the option to receive long term care within your own home. Family members and other relatives can take care of you. Otherwise, insurance policies cover the payment for caregivers who will visit you and provide your long term care needs.

Caregivers help in what you do for everyday living such as bathing, grooming, dressing, and going to bed. There are personnel who can cook your meals and do your household chores. You may even ask nurses to visit your home for health check-ups, changes in medication, and other necessary medical procedures.

Choose the right type of facility from these long term care options. Find one that is compatible with not only your long term care requirements but also your preferences.






What You Should Know About Long Term Care Insurance Rates

People have the wrong impression when it comes to LTCI policies. They think that only the rich can afford to pay what they assume to be high long term care insurance rates. However, these rates are not computed by one’s financial status in life; one’s current physical condition and future health needs are taken into consideration.


The factors the insurance company’s use to calculate for a person’s premiums are the following: age, amount of coverage, payment methods, and other preferences in the policy.


The first factor that any insurance company would take into consideration is the client’s age. Between the younger generation and an older one, the former tend to pay lower premiums. Why? Because the younger plan holder have smaller chances of getting ill and tend to spend less on their premiums. In this case, the insurance companies do tend to earn more income. Unlike their older counterparts, elderly plan holders are susceptible to many illnesses as they grow old.


That’s why it’s important to start at early for LTCI policies. Some insurance programs offer discounts to younger plan holders. It is always best to know what options are available out there when starting your future financial and health plans. Different insurance providers offer different plans that would suit a person’s needs. Some of the plans may offer reimbursement options, others offer exemptions, while other policies offer cash plans. This would depend on what the policy holder would like to include in their insurance programs.


Among all the insurance options, policies with reimbursement features are more popular because they are the least expensive. It pays the policyholder for his total expenses on care depending if this is daily, weekly or monthly. For a policy with indemnity offers, it offers full coverage regardless of actual costs on care by the plan holder. This gives the insured total independence from the type of care they can receive to where they can receive it. This also provides the option to choose between a family caregiver or a professional one. But since the latter offers comprehensive coverage, expect the long term care insurance rates for this policy to be more expensive.


Another consideration when it comes to LTC is a person’s future health care needs. In this scenario, a person would need to go back and check their family’s medical background for any recurring illness. This would help them decide on what type of policy to buy. This can prevent them from spending money on the wrong policy that would not be able to provide the coverage that they would need in the future.


People would need to consider their future health care needs. However if they do decide to get a LTCI policy, they would also have to review the long term care insurance rates. There are different factors that can affect the rates on a policy. One should also consider the coverage and other features on the plans they are considering. In the end, this would prevent them from getting a plan that would not be able to cover their future LTC needs.





Why You Should Get Long Term Care Insurance Policies

cross legs

When we age, we encounter physical. mental and behavioral changes that requires us to be on long term care, this is one of the reasons why we should get one.





In getting long term care insurance policies, it is better of you purchase it at an earlier stage of life. Long term care is a kind of service that provides aid and help for the people who are disabled when it comes to taking care of their selves.


People tend to ignore the fact that they are growing old and growing weak and will need help in doing their everyday tasks and chores. But everybody will go through that stage as they continue to live. Also, people who do not take very good care of themselves have a bigger risk of getting long term care sometime in the future.


And in relation to that, as people get old and weaker, they are more vulnerable to sicknesses and diseases that are all around nowadays. Sometimes, even a person’s lifestyle is the big factor how people get sicknesses that are in extreme cases already and those that hinder them from doing basic chores and activities of the daily life such as eating, moving, taking a bath, using the toilet, and dressing.


Apart from that, people also prioritize other things in life such as work, earning money, taking care of other people, getting their dreams in life, succeeding in their career, and buying and owning things that they have wished for ever since they were young. Though, people should also pay attention to their health and its state in the present and in the future.


People should also put it in their priorities and take in charge in changing their fates and in handling their own health. Since health is the only thing that people could hold on to and actually change in order to live longer, people should do safety measures on how to protect it and keep it in a good condition.


Long term care is one of the things that would support a person’s health in times of need. But to be able to receive long term care, you must also pay for it just like any other service and any other things that are being bought for the betterment of the body or of oneself.


It is a good thing that there is long term care insurance in which an insurer can support and cover all of your expenses regarding long term care, provided that you pay them first and invest in them for a period of time before they are able to give back and to provide you what you need for long term care.


You could also change some terms if you want, so the service would be according to your needs and even to your own preference. Just talk to your agent or insurer regarding this so you wouldn’t have complaints about the long term care service that you receive.


Of course, you would have to also follow their terms and conditions in having an agreement and contract with them before they are able to provide anything for you. People should just modify their long term care insurance policies to meet their personal needs and so the services could be effective for them.



Preparation for future long term care (LTC) cost.



Seniors suffering from chronic illness are usually in a lot of pain- emotionally and physically … If we have carefully planned for retirement, it is essential to include having long term care (LTC) insurance in it. As we age, we ceased from working, because we want to spend our golden years sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the fruits of our labor. But when we retire and stop working, we also stop earning..however, we do not stop spending, so we must be able to save money for our daily expenses. Aging is oftentimes associated with health issues, have you also prepared for future medical and long term care expenses? Self – insuring usually drains all your asset, would you want to spend your life’s saving paying for care out of pocket? When you have ltc insurance, you get quality care where and when you need it. Relying on medicaid will help you pay for ltc expenses but you don’t get to choose your caregiver nor your facility. So if you are looking forward to aging gracefully without being a burden to family members, it’s time for long term care planning. Asses your health, your current living situation and your finances, so you can tailor a policy that fits your needs and preference.


The Cost of Elderly Health and Long Term Care

As the baby boomer generation reaches old age, the demand for long term care services for seniors is set to increase as well. Studies show that seventy percent of people age 65 years old and above will need some form of long term care support. Another trend that you need to watch out for is when the demand for elderly health care is high, so does the cost of care like hospital expenses, medications, laboratory exams, doctors and therapists’ fee and long term care services.


What is Long Term Care?

Long term care services can benefit the elderly and those who are incapable of performing the usual activities of daily living like walking, bathing, dressing and using the bathroom. Aside from personal care assistance, long term care also includes meeting your medical needs. A licensed nurse can help you in medication administration or wound care.


Temporary VS Ongoing Long Term Care


Temporary long term care is usually required by those recovering from an illness or surgery. Long term care assistance is only temporary, usually, for only a couple of weeks or months. Ongoing Long Term Care, on the other hand, can last for months or years and is usually required by those who have mental and severe medical conditions. Elderly who need constant supervision also falls under this category.


Rising Cost of Long Term Care

This year, Genworth Financial released a report stating the average cost of long term care services in the country. The report mentioned that the median daily cost of a private room in a nursing home is now valued at $230 per day, which is an increase of 3.6 percent over last year. In assisted-living facilities, the median national daily cost is $3,450 a month, which is a 4.55 percent since 2012. Hiring a licensed home health aide to help you at home will cost you around $19 per hour, $18 an hour for a helper. On the whole, the cost of care among facility-based providers has increased gradually.


Factors That Affect Cost of Elderly Health Care And Long Term Care


Cost of care and spending differences are usually determined by how broad the provision of public services is. Medicaid, a government health care program with long term care benefits is instituted by states. Provisions and eligibility criteria are therefore set by the different states of the country. Another factor that can affect cost of LTC is the quality and levels of care needed. Nursing homes around the country differ greatly. Some have conservative amenities while others have state of the art room and activity areas. There are also facilities which allow residents to share rooms. Sharing of rooms is much cheaper than private rooms and beds.


With the rising cost of elderly health and long term care services, you need to plan with your family the type of care you wish to receive the moment you retire or lose your capacity to perform the usual activities of daily living. Planning ahead also empowers you to make decisions while you still can. It allows you to explore possible options for your care.


Quick guide on how to Compare Long Term Care Services

So you’re thinking about getting a long term care insurance (LTCI) but you don’t know which one to go with. Don’t worry; you’re not alone on this one. Over 50% American inquirers of LTCI suffer the same dilemma so in order to assist you further with this problem, here’s a brief note on how to compare long term care services.

There are about six things that you need to look into when you consider getting an LTCI. First thing to consider is the costs. Pricing is very important in settling for an LTCI. Second is age. Policies and offers vary with age and might have lower costs. Next would be location; from where you live, where you will be availing the policy and where you plan on getting the benefits. Another is health. LTCI companies have packages that will suit your medical concerns. Occupation is another and this somehow ties-in with costs and location. Last would be lifestyle and it has a big effect on what type of policy you can get.

Costs are basically what you’ll be looking at first then followed by the benefits. You’ll want to get your money’s worth of course but you don’t want to be over spending as well. Age will determine any privileges that you may get such as early bird specials or big discounts for acquiring at an early age. Location is checked for taxes and what state law would allow and disallow you to receive, depending on the company’s policy or your region’s terms with LTCI.

Now, the rest of factors in considering for long term care services would be health. Health is going to be a big factor. This will determine what type of benefits you will be looking forward to receiving. An example would be with a 39 year old American plumber with a minor case of Parkinson’s disease detected. So from there we can determine what type of health care we will be providing for such a case. Next is occupation and just like the previous example, a plumber, obviously is not making as much money as a lawyer or an engineer and this factor also ties-in with costs and from here we can make adjustments with how the monthly premiums will be covered.

Last will be lifestyle and this is a combined consideration of age, health and occupation. You can be a 29 year old computer engineer with high blood pressure who regularly goes out every weekend drinking with friends or a 46 year old gym class teacher suffering from a chronic pain caused by an injury from your younger years as an athlete who spends the rest of his free time exercising and staying fit. These factors will contribute to the type of possible target issues to be taken care of in the future once the type of policy will be determined.

Please be advised that this is simply a quick guide and do not be under informed. Always feel free in consulting with an LTCI specialist regarding about getting help on how to compare long term care services.


Long term Care


The struggle that every adult children has to go through is when their aging parents do not have the funds to pay for the cost of care.  The lack of awareness of some seniors on the impact of long term care is one of the crisis faced by their loved ones, failing to include ltc insurance in your retirement plan can be devastating as it would result to several circumstance that we really do not want to deal with . Unfortunately, adult children are forced to quit their jobs, much to their disappointment, to provide care for their parents, in return, the parents don’t get the amount of care needed compared to those who are assisted by formal caregivers. Normally, they encounter financial difficulties, stress, depression and anxiety.

Discussing long term care (LTC) insurance with family members before the need arises is important, it would pave way for better planning if you know that your parents have alternate source of funds should there be a need for them to be on long term care. In addition, the care recipients will get quality care when they need it and where they need it.

Convincing parents successfully will give you peace of mind knowing that their future need is secured.