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Private Home Care Offers Affordable Alternative


Home health care is preferred by majority of long-term care recipients due to the incomparable freedom and comfort. In addition, the greatest benefit that home care provides is the companionship of family members and loved ones. Home care is also the most affordable of all long-term care settings. Infolongtermcare provides few more reasons why home care is more beneficial, take a look here for practical advantages of home care

Claude Pepper Center

With the costs of long-term care rising, private homes in Florida can offer a more intimate feel while potentially saving more money than traditional options such as nursing homes or assisted living facilities.


Photo credit: Universal Pops. Easton-Hancock House. Flickr Creative Commons.

Barbara Peters Smith. Private-home care could become more common for elders. Herald-Tribune. Jan 23, 2014:

“And this informal business model could prove popular in the next decade for baby boomers retiring to Florida with experience in geriatric care — and perhaps not enough money to afford the kind of home they’d like to own.

As with the burgeoning home health care industry, the entry of more providers into this field — particularly without oversight — expands the potential for abuse.

“It’s pretty much part of the landscape, and it’s going to be growing,” says Larry Polivka, director of the Claude Pepper Center for aging studies at…

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Caregivers Trials and Tribulations

As the aging population increases, the demand for long-term care services increases as well, so is the demand for caregivers. A big percentage of individuals providing care are family members of long term care dependents, and a lot of baby boomers are relying on loved ones and family members to provide care for them as well. The reason for this is because family members do not require salary unlike licensed caregivers, home care is also cheaper compared to other long-term care settings.

AARP conducted a research on caregivers and caregiving and results showed that there may be fewer caregivers in the coming years due to the increasing demand for long term care. One reason is the increase in longevity and the current living situation of most men and women who may either be divorced or childless. However, if you only rely on family members, you might not be receiving appropriate and quality care when and where you need it due to financial constraints. And even if you have ample amount of savings, you can easily deplete it if you will be needing care for several years.





The Long Term Care Guy Blog

The New York Times recently reported that caregiving is set to become the number one profession in the USA by the year 2020, overtaking retail.

This tells us there are a tremendous number of people caring for an individual needing long-term-care (LTC) services.  Whether they are working as a professional caregiver, or are caring for a family member, the stress is similar.  Today I am referring to an April 1 article in the USA Today newspaper concerning the depression that comes from doing this work.

The article mentions that 64% of those caring for disabled veterans have jobs.  On average, they miss about a day of work each week.  Twenty-eight percent quit work due to their caregiving duties.  Sixty percent say they are under constant financial strain.  Many of these caregivers are aging themselves and worry what will happen to the loved ones they care for when they can no…

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Instead of sending parents or elders to long term care facilities, you can provide caregiving to family members

Instead of sending parents or elders to long term care facilities, you can provide caregiving to family members


Did it ever occur to you that you might be a caregiver for a family member? This is an enormous responsibility, how do you think you can cope with it? Being an informal caregiver is such a challenging task, most especially if they require long term care services….But here are some great tips that will help you in handling the responsibility : http://www.infolongtermcare.org/senior-caregiver-support/


Launching of New look for Infolongtermcare.org Website

FORT MYERS, FL – ILTC is pleased to introduce itself with the launch of a new look for the website: www.infolongtermcare.org. The new website features enhanced resources designed exclusively for the readers.  It also offers an unconventional look and streamlined user experience, making it easier and faster for the users to navigate through pages. It also embodies new pages where you can find answers for frequently asked questions regarding long term care. 

The new look of the ILTC website  includes new sections providing explicit details about the latest development in the field of long term care.  Furthermore, the purpose for the new look of the website is to annunciate the brand’s extensive experience, expertise and knowledge on long term care planning. All of the text and images were carefully chosen and approved. This user-friendly website also features news and guides on topics related to long term care.

The key feature of the newly designed website is optimized browsing experience; you can easily toggle from one tab to another, with simplified navigation. The website is a true resource of information, ideas and planning strategies in order to help the readers understand the importance of long term care insurance.



About Infolongtermcare.org


Providing Valuable Long Term Care Knowledge to Recipients and Service Providers Alike

ILTC is one of the best information hubs covering the different areas or topics of long term care. Infolongtermcare.org does not just give useful information about long term care and long term care insurance. It also provides important knowledge and tips for both care recipients and service providers like caregivers. This user-friendly website also features news and guides on topics related to long term care. 


‘Tis the Season for Charitable Giving

Talking about thanksgiving? Here is what we should be thankful for, a group of special residents who devoted their time and effort to raise funds for varied charitable institutions. There are lots of people out there who are ready and willing to volunteer , who prefer to spend their time on worthwhile activities. In fact, there are hundreds of thousand hospice care/ long term care volunteers across the US. You will find their story interesting and heart warming: http://www.infolongtermcare.org/volunteers-for-hospice-care-recognized-in-missouri/.
Let us give credits and thanks to people like them

Upland Rehabilitation & Care Center

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about our “Dream Team” – the group of very special residents who volunteer their time and efforts in order to fund-raise for different charities throughout the community. I wrote about their baking prowess as they make lots of sweet treats for holiday grams and bake sales. They’ve also made and sold jewelry and hope to create beautifully decorated bags as their next project. You remember now? Well, last week this wonderful group of residents celebrated their fundraising efforts by presenting a check for $500 to the Foothill Family Shelter!

The Shelter provides housing for those in need from 120 days up to a full-year. They also run a food pantry and offer counselling and social services for men, women, and families. Each individual or family is required to search for jobs, save significant portions of their paychecks or welfare checks, and make…

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Why Elder Care Should Matter to You Too

Although the government may not be prepared for the growing populations of the elderly, there are still non some organizations who provide elderly support: http://www.infolongtermcare.org/senior-caregiver-support/elderly-caregiver-support-organization/. I commend your willingness to provide updated news and information on the issues about aging and even consider being on long term care because there are instances when families find it hard to discuss about aging ang long term health care

Across the Divide

I’m committed to finding ways to advocate for aging populations. And while I’ve been lax with original content for this space, I have been dutifully keeping up with the latest in issues relating to seniors, aging, dementia and elder care. I do so by reading as much as I can on these subjects whenever I can steal a moment.

With a rapidly aging global population and the likelihood of more individuals than ever before being afflicted with dementia,there seems to be a new study or report released every day. Many of these studies are from  highly reputable institutions. Others are from businesses looking to profit off the coming “grey tsunami” .

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What You Need to Know About Long Term Care

Long term care refers to services that aim to help people who need assistance in performing basic daily activities such as dressing, eating, ambulating, toileting and bathing. Decades ago, most of us thought that this type of care only applies to the elderly. Today, however, with the growing number of people under the age of 65 who have conditions that require LTC services, many younger individuals are starting to include LTC planning in their retirement preparations.

The following are three of the most important things you need to know about long term care:

long term1. Long term care can happen to anyone at any point. At least 40% of those who are receiving custodial care in different LTC settings are aged 18 to 64 based on the report released by the National Care Planning Council. As a matter of fact, Christopher Reeve, better known as the world’s Superman, was just 43 years old when he became a quadriplegic after a nearly fatal equestrian accident. He needed LTC until a complication claimed his life 9 years after. His story tells us that LTC can affect anyone regardless of age and stature.

2. Lonterm care is very expensive. If you are not prepared financially, you can easily end up living on welfare. Below is the result of the 2012 Costs of Care Survey commissioned by Genworth Financial, a leading LTC insurance provider.

Types of Long Term Health Care Services

National Median Rates According to Genworth Financial

Homemaker Services

$18 per hour

Home Health Aide Services

$19 per hour

Adult Day Care

$61 per day

Assisted Living Facility

$39,600 per year

Nursing Home Semi-private

$73,000 per year

Nursing Home Private

$81,030 per year

3. The government has very limited long term care coverage. Medicare’s website specifically stated that they, in general, do not pay for care services that are custodial in nature like LTC. They only pay for short term rehabilitative care received in a skilled nursing facility. And while Medicaid provides LTC coverage, it only grants benefits to people who have met the poverty criteria of their states.