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I’m Going To Wait Before I Buy LTC Insurance

As most adviser and expert would say, when it comes to long-term care insurance, “Do not wait too long”. Waiting too long can have many negative effects on your application and your future as well. Your long-term care insurance premiums are much cheaper when you buy it while you’re young and healthy, there is lesser chance of being declined because as you age, your health declines as well, so if you wait too long, you might have develop a condition that will disqualify you from getting long-term care insurance. And if it is already too late for you to get one, how are you going to manage your finances once the need for care arises? A long-term care event can deplete even an ample amount of savings. As a result, you might not be able to get the quality care you need and want if you no longer have the funds to cover your long-term care expenses. Shop for long-term care insurance quotes from different companies so you have the options to compare and choose the best policy.

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Why should a person buy LTC insurance at age 50, when they may not need care (typically) until age 80?  Why pay premiums all those years?  Who wants to spend money for 30 years of premiums.

Seems like a logical viewpoint, why start paying premiums now when it could be 30 years before you might need care.  As long as you stay healthy it’s a valid viewpoint.  If only you could guarantee that!

If you were 24 years old, with a Camaro or other expensive to insure car, and knew that the car insurance would be much less after your 25th birthday, would you wait?  It will only be a few months……..


Did you know that 40% of the people receiving LTC services in this country are between 18 and 64?  Many people go to the doctor every year for a check up and stay in good health, until the checkup where the doctor tells you…

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How is “Typical Aging” Different from “Warning Signs” of Dementia?

Photo credit: infolongtermcare.org

Photo credit: infolongtermcare.org

A lot of adult children are struggling in dealing with parents who have alzheimer’s disease, for some, they find out too late that their parents or loved ones are already suffering from this chronic illness so it is therefore important to look for the warning signs. A common sign of aging is forgetfulness, however, if it becomes too frequent and you also notice signs of disorientation to time and place and unpredictable moods, you should be alarmed. It is always best to consult a physician so he can run a series of cognitive exams. A lot of long-term care dependents suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, it would be helpful if we are aware of the symptoms of the disease and we are knowledgeable on how to deal and manage it.

Long-Term Care Insurance – Delving in to Possible Future Situations


As more and more people think that they do not need long term health care insurance, they fail to notice that it will do them more harm than good. People think that this kind of insurance is only for people who want to have a luxurious life in the future, and that it is only for people who earn significantly higher than the average. On the contrary, US Department of Health and Human Services says that 70% people will need long term care above the age of 65.


Since mortality rate nowadays is higher than those of before, people will live longer, hence, will need more help from other people when they cannot do basic everyday tasks anymore. And sometimes, assistance and care needed isn’t free at all. There and there will always be expenses such as the payment if you need to go to the doctor for a check-up, the payment for the caregiver you are hiring, the payment for the facilities, and even the expense for your transportation.


If you haven’t planned for your future yet, are you be willing to sacrifice and allocate your money and other assets to health-related and long term care expenses? Will your assets and out-of-pocket money be enough to cover all the expenses for the longevity of the years you will live post-retirement age? Do you think that you will be able to pay for the other expenses brought by daily living and of the old age at the same time?


A Look at the Long Term Care Insurance


Long-term care insurance is the service given to elderly people – the seniors – that are basically home or community-based. It is a long term care that centers on the assistance of the basic daily activities such as moving, eating, dressing, using the toilet, and taking a bath. Since older people get weak faster than they were younger, they, more often than not, need more assistance to perform simple tasks.


Almost everybody reaches this stage in life wherein people cannot move freely and easily anymore like they used to. Sometimes, even more complications regarding the health matters arise from this condition which makes a person’s life even more complicated than it already is. That is why you must start early in planning what to do in these kinds of situations so to avoid rush decisions that could bring you even more problems than you could handle at the time.


Ideally, you should start saving up and investing in long term care insurance when you still have the time, energy, and resources that you will need. It is when you are younger that you are farther and less prone to have sicknesses and complications that will affect your health, that is if you have a balance diet, well-fitted and in good health. This is the ideal time to start planning because you could still decide on how your life will go about, figure out what kind of long term care you will need, and be able to allocate your properties and resources where you want them to be designated.


Think about your properties and the assets that you have presently. Mind your health and age and see what will you or your family need someday and prepare for it. Mull over purchasing a long term health care for your future and see how much difference it can make.


Elder Care Insurance: Is it Really That a Priority?

If you’re parents are within the ages of 59 to 61, there is a big possibility that they are still in control with their lives. However, when they move past that age range, that’s where they develop conditions and chronic illnesses. This is the stage that makes them dependent on you or other people for their LTC care needs. Is elder care insurance really a priority in the present? It is and is becoming a great concern for our country’s aging population. As the number of our country’s elderly increases, there is a need to improve the system of insuring and caring for the elder.


Cost of caring for the elder constantly increases – The cost of caring for the elderly increase as time passes. It is expected by the year 2030, the costs of long term care services would have increased four times. If this does happen, majority of elderly Americans would have to face the challenge of finding the resources to cover the costs of their LTC needs. They could opt to either self-insure if they have at least $5 million in savings. Another option is to apply for Medicare or Medicaid for limited long term care coverage.


Start early to avoid expensive premiums – When it comes to elder care insurance, it’s always beneficial if your plan ahead. This means that you don’t have to sign up for LTC insurance coverage while you are young (though it would be a good way to start). You plan out first the things that you would need as you age. Nursing home facility vs. living in your own home. Home health aide vs. daily custodial care. There are some of the things that you would need to keep in mind as you start planning and eventually enrolling yourself with long term care insurance and coverage.


Understanding everything before you sign the policyOnce you have stepped up with your LTC planning, it’s now time for your go enroll yourself for LTCI coverage. But just before you sign your name along the dotted line; it would be a good practice to review the policy that you are getting for yourself. You have to be aware of the premiums that you have to pay, the daily benefits you are entitled to, the services that are covered or excluded in the plan etc. When you know and understand even the fine print in your policy, growing old wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


Elder care insurance is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury for most elderly Americans. As the number of elderly Americans increase, the need for long term care coverage should be treated with grave importance. As the costs of caring for the elderly increases, learn and start early with long term care planning. Once you have outlined your LTC needs and just before you sign the policy, make sure that you know and fully understand even the coverage, benefits and even the fine print in your LTCI policy.









5 Pieces of Long Term Care Insurance Advice to Consider

The increasing population of senior citizens throughout the country means that long term care insurance is becoming more significant to many Americans nowadays. You may find that it is not enough to simply get a policy. You have to buy the one that meets your specifications. Here are pieces of long term care insurance advice that can help you get the right policy:


  1. Find out whether you indeed require a long term care insurance policy


If you have a healthy body and mind, you may think that you do not need to own a policy. Long term care policies apply for seniors who have trouble with everyday activities. They also benefit seniors who are bedridden due to medical complications. You have the option to go on with your life without buying a policy, but prepare to handle future uncertainties with your health.


However, you may also plan to get one but you are hindered by expensive premium costs. Long term care partnerships allow you to apply for Medicaid even if you exceed the asset ownership limit. Instead of the usual long term care insurance policies, you can choose ‘hybrid’ policies that join long term care with life insurance policies or annuities.


  1. Make sure that the benefits you receive can sustain long term care services


You can receive a specific value of long term care benefits per day or per month. When you subscribe to a policy, you may choose how much do you want to receive and whether you get it every day or every month.


Remember that costs of long term care services increase steadily at the present. Furthermore, take this piece of long term care insurance advice. Choose the method of receiving payment that support types of preferred long term care services.


  1. Check out the policy’s coverage carefully


Long term care insurance policies have a variety of covered services and benefits. Two policies may offer the same type of long term care service but differ in conditions.


Affordable policies usually offer nursing home care for a short period of time. If you have the money, you may get a long term care insurance policy with comprehensive coverage. Do not limit yourself to one type of long term care facility. You can choose where you want to receive long term care from different kinds of facilities.


  1. Watch out for pre-existing conditions


Even if long term care insurance policies provide all means of care to seniors, there are still exceptions. Policies may not cover you under pre-existing conditions.


These conditions may be deliberate harm to the self, such as substance abuse. They can also be complicated illnesses such as AIDS. When you check for policies, scan for statements of pre-existing conditions. Ask insurance providers if these are included with their policies.


  1. Take note of the elimination period


If you require long term care immediately, you need a shorter elimination period. It refers to the time you have to wait before you can use long term care benefits. However, shorter elimination periods mean additional expenses.


On the other hand, if you are relatively healthy then you may postpone with getting your long term care benefits. Assess the relation of elimination periods with your current physical and mental condition.


Remember that there are more pieces of long term care insurance advice aside from abovementioned examples. Know more about long term care insurance and you will get the policy that you are searching for.






Alzheimer’s and Long Term Care…

Coping With Alzheimer’s Disease

Photo credit: infolongtermcare.org

Photo credit: infolongtermcare.org


What is Alzheimer ’s disease? Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive and degenerative disease. Primarily, it destroys the brain cells. Unlike most cells in the body, the brain cells cannot reproduce. Once the neurons or brain cells are dead, they cannot be replaced. That is the reason when a person have Alzheimer’s disease it is likely permanent.


Alzheimer’s Disease Statistics

According to Alzheimer’s association, the disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. It is also the most common form of dementia; more than five million Americans are suffering from this condition. Many people associate aging with Alzheimer’s disease. This is partly true because aging is a risk factor for the development of Alzheimer. However, it is important to know that this condition is not a normal part of aging.


Causes Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by atrophy of the brain. The structure and functionality of the brain becomes damage. The exact cause of the condition is stil not known, but people with Alzheimer’s disease have been found to have abnormal amounts of protein and fibres in the brain.


Who Are At Risk?

The greatest risk factor associated with this condition is age. The possibility of developing Alzheimer doubles every five years, one the person reaches the age of 65. However, it is important to know that there are cases wherein young adults develop this condition. Other risk factors for this condition are genetics, individuals with Down’s syndrome, whiplash and head injuries. Individuals with vascular disease like diabetes and high blood pressure are also at risk for developing this degenerative condition.


Symptoms of Alzheimer

The Mayo Clinic states that the rate at which symptoms appear and worsen varies from person to person. If you have Alzheimer’s, you may be the first to notice that you’re having abnormal difficulty remembering things and organizing your thoughts. People have occasional memory lapses. As not to be confused, it is normal for people to forget the name of a person or where they put their keys. But the memory loss associated with this condition can continue and overtime it can worsens. Most of the time, because of severe memory loss, it affects their ability to function at work and at home. Other symptoms associated with this condition are disorientation and misinterpretation of spatial relationships. It also affects skills like speaking and writing.


Alzheimer And Long Term Care


Since Alzheimer patients lose their ability to perform normal function, they need help in order to survive. Even the simplest activities like talking or walking becomes a struggle.  As the condition progression, people with Alzheimer would greatly benefit from long term care as they need someone who will assist them on their everyday functions like bathing, dressing and eating.
Across the country, there are many long term care settings and Alzheimer’s care facility available. They provide support with personal care and daily activities, such as housekeeping and meal preparation. They also offer services that help people with Alzheimer cope with their condition and stay as independent as possible.



Best long term care insurance websites


As the number of baby boomers increases, the demand for long term care services increases as well. One practical way to pay for long term care services is through long term care insurance, however, the product still lacks credibility and a lot of people are misguided and misinformed. If you are someone who wish to find answers to the most common questions regarding long term care insurance, what it is, how much it cost, who needs it, how to pay for it, etc., you can always rely on the internet to find comprehensive and precise information. However, you might be thinking that not everything you find on the internet is reliable, there are websites that can be deceiving and some are in fact scam. I have created a personal list of top websites which I find informative and give consumers simple and fast answers to queries regarding the product. Long term care insurance may or may not be the right choice for you, and the only way to know it is to get yourself informed:


Long term care insurance for future care needs

Have you planned on who will care for you when the need arises?

Have you planned on who will care for you when the need arises?


One of the inevitable thing is aging, there is assurance how long we are going to live. And with aging comes health issues, have you planned for your future care needs? Do you have alternative funding sources to pay for the increasing cost of care?


Some people think they are better off self-insuring, however, money is hard earned and therefore deciding to pay care out of pocket is like throwing it away on expenses that should have been more affordable. You can consider purchasing  long term care (LTC) insurance as leverage if you look closely and contemplate on the inflation rate by the time you will need long term care. Americans think it is awfully expensive, not knowing that it would cost them more money to pay for long term care services out of pocket.  Long term care rates vary depending on the state and insurance providers, therefore it pays to shop for long term care insurance quotes, and from there on, you can compare and choose the policy that best meets your needs and demands.



Elder Care Law – What is It All About?

As sure as the sun rises and sets, we will get old someday. As part of the elderly population one should be informed of what can happen when it comes to elder care law or long term care law for the senior citizens. It is not only the senior citizens who should know about it but also the other members of the family. The reason for learning about elder care law is to make sure one is aware of the rights of the elderly when it comes to being cared for due to medical reasons and disability. The main goal of the elder care law is to help the older generations to be able to plan for their future especially in the area of their health.

One of the aspects of elder care law is the health care directives. These are written instructions done by the senior regarding their health situations and what they want done. This would include mostly documents that pertain to their medical decisions as well as living will and do-not-resuscitate instruction.

When an adult reaches a certain age, they would more or less need to have long term care. So this means that at this stage they should have private long term care insurance. However, there are persons who may not have been able to afford it so they will also need the help of the government. Fortunately, there is the Medicaid that is funded by the government that can partially help a senior citizen pay for their long term care.

The Medicaid requirements can be complicated and it may take a while for a person to understand the process. So it would be advantageous for a person to start looking into it as well and be prepared with all the requirements needed to avail of this service from the government. One also has to remember that the services given may not be as extensive when compared to having a long term care insurance plan of your own. But it might be helpful in some aspects so it would be good to learn about it.

Other pertinent documents that are included in the Elder Care Law is providing living trust and power of attorney. These are documents that can play a vital role especially if the elderly person may not be capable in making direct decisions. These documents can be drafted by a trusted lawyer based on the instruction of the elderly person.

The elder care law helps protect the elderly especially when it comes to providing health care for them. This law also provides specific directions on what to do when it comes to decision making in terms of medical or health issues as well as non-medical situations. This elder care law is established to make sure that the individual is properly cared for and will not be neglected especially during the twilight years. If you have loved ones that are senior citizens it is best to get the right information about the elder care laws. This can also help you when you become older as well.



Why You Should Get Long Term Care Insurance Policies

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When we age, we encounter physical. mental and behavioral changes that requires us to be on long term care, this is one of the reasons why we should get one.





In getting long term care insurance policies, it is better of you purchase it at an earlier stage of life. Long term care is a kind of service that provides aid and help for the people who are disabled when it comes to taking care of their selves.


People tend to ignore the fact that they are growing old and growing weak and will need help in doing their everyday tasks and chores. But everybody will go through that stage as they continue to live. Also, people who do not take very good care of themselves have a bigger risk of getting long term care sometime in the future.


And in relation to that, as people get old and weaker, they are more vulnerable to sicknesses and diseases that are all around nowadays. Sometimes, even a person’s lifestyle is the big factor how people get sicknesses that are in extreme cases already and those that hinder them from doing basic chores and activities of the daily life such as eating, moving, taking a bath, using the toilet, and dressing.


Apart from that, people also prioritize other things in life such as work, earning money, taking care of other people, getting their dreams in life, succeeding in their career, and buying and owning things that they have wished for ever since they were young. Though, people should also pay attention to their health and its state in the present and in the future.


People should also put it in their priorities and take in charge in changing their fates and in handling their own health. Since health is the only thing that people could hold on to and actually change in order to live longer, people should do safety measures on how to protect it and keep it in a good condition.


Long term care is one of the things that would support a person’s health in times of need. But to be able to receive long term care, you must also pay for it just like any other service and any other things that are being bought for the betterment of the body or of oneself.


It is a good thing that there is long term care insurance in which an insurer can support and cover all of your expenses regarding long term care, provided that you pay them first and invest in them for a period of time before they are able to give back and to provide you what you need for long term care.


You could also change some terms if you want, so the service would be according to your needs and even to your own preference. Just talk to your agent or insurer regarding this so you wouldn’t have complaints about the long term care service that you receive.


Of course, you would have to also follow their terms and conditions in having an agreement and contract with them before they are able to provide anything for you. People should just modify their long term care insurance policies to meet their personal needs and so the services could be effective for them.