How to evaluate a long-term care facility for you or a loved one

When there is a need to move family members or loved ones into a long-term care facility, the first challenge we face is choosing the right facility. The usual procedure when choosing a long-term care facility is to check which among the different settings will suit the needs of our loved ones, the next is visiting the facility to make sure that the residents there are well taken cared of. However the biggest challenge that we face is convincing our loved ones to move out of their homes and move into a long-term care facility. It takes enormous effort to be able to convince them because a lot of long-term care recipients dealt with anxiety due to uncertainty with living conditions there.


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Comfortable, home-like living spaces, services & amenities (including wifi) are among the most important things to consider. What type of training for cleanliness and reduced exposure to infection is provided to staff? Is the staff helpful, friendly and caring?

This brief article/survey makes some valid points for us to think about and is worth the read.

Click here for the brief.

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