Advice For Baby Boomers On How To Have “That Talk”

Baby boomers and seniors alike rely on family members and loved ones to care for them when the need arises, however, the problem that adult children usually faced is that their parents or grandparents are not open to discussing this with them, and suddenly they are faced with the responsibility of providing care which takes toll on their personal lives. Discussing aging issues like long term care with parents takes enormous efforts, as they tend to shy away on issues like this. Both sides; parents and adult children alike should be given a chance to speak out their concerns on long term care topics and issues.

Take time to check on these few resources on how to successfully discuss long term care with family from, Genworth and lifehealthpro:

The Insurance Barn

I watched my grandfather have to take care of my grandmother in the 1960s and my mother care for my father in the 1980s while they suffered from HD, before they died.

A few years later, my brother and oldest sister were stricken with the same disease.  After several years of caring for them, by my brother and sister-in-laws, they also succumbed to Huntingdon’s disease.

The advice the Joan Lunden gives in this interview is sound advice for all Baby Boomers to consider.

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