Podcast #4, Long-Term Care Insurance

People are indeed living longer and the need for long term care and long term care insurance is increasing..so is the cost. If we haven’t plan on getting one yet, there is no reason to delay it much longer. Prevention is always better than cure so they say, and getting long term care insurance is much more better than being sorry when the need arises and you have not planned on when and where you are going to get the care that you need. Long term care insurance as discussed in infolongtermcare.org is a way to safeguard our future and secure our assets by making sure that we will not be spending our life’s saving into paying care out of pocket. We only need careful planning before purchasing one, to make sure that we get a policy that best suits our needs and preference.

Your Wealth Curve

Protecting Yourself from the Cost of Long-Term Care

In this episode of Your Wealth Curve, I sit down with Susan Kobara of Commonwealth Financial in San Diego, CA, for a discussion on long-term care insurance. Susan joined Commonwealth in 2008 as their expert and primary point of contact for long-term care insurance after working for years in the industry in both policy sales and product development. At Commonwealth, she specializes in helping financial advisors address with their clients the need for protection against the catastrophic risk of health care costs associated with the need for long-term care.

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

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