Long Term Care Legislation: Is It Really Effective?

Many senior citizens face problems when it comes to their long term care needs.  From rejected claims to limited coverage, these types of scenarios are not new to the long term care insurance industry. To protect the rights of elderly consumers, different states in the country have launched different steps in passing different long term care legislation.  These laws are also aimed to improve the industry for long term care.  However, the question remains, are these legislations really effective in making sure that our senior citizens are get the care that they need? 

People still rely on government funded insurance  – In spite of the different steps taken to make long term care more accessible and affordable in the country,  People still rely  on government funded insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. In a recent survey conducted, most people still have strong belief that these federally funded programs will cover the cost of their long term care needs. In the latest report conducted, more than 10 million Americans have long term care needs.  And out of this figure, two thirds of the costs are paid by these government funded insurance programs.

Still no improvement in the long term care system – In previous years, there have been different long term care legislation that have been passed to protect the rights of elderly consumers. Some of these are the Community Living Assistance Services and Support program, the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988.  Though these programs had legitimate objectives in helping elderly Americans, these laws are still not able to meet the demands that the nation is now facing with long term care.  More elderly people rely on Medicare or Medicaid to cover their LTC expenses while others pay out of pocket for these long term care costs.


Many are still signing up for private long term care – As people find laws for long term care not as effective, many are still signing up for private long term care.   Unless a person belongs to the country’s wealthiest, most elderly citizen would still like to ensure that their long term care needs are covered in the future. It is expected by 2030, the costs for long term care would quadruple and this is the dilemma elderly American citizens are now facing.   If there are no effective laws in place that would focus on long term care, the country’s population would have to turn to private insurance companies for their LTC needs.

As the country’s leaders are still finding for ways to create long term care legislation that are  lasting and effective,  elderly Americans and those who require long term care still rely on government funded programs such as Medicaid.   Though previous laws regarding long term care have been passed, there are still flaws regarding these legislations.  In the end, more Americans are still relying on private institutions to cover their long term care expenses.  They sign up for long term care insurance.  With this, they hope they would be able to live independently while enjoying the rest of their lives.




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