Preparation for future long term care (LTC) cost.



Seniors suffering from chronic illness are usually in a lot of pain- emotionally and physically … If we have carefully planned for retirement, it is essential to include having long term care (LTC) insurance in it. As we age, we ceased from working, because we want to spend our golden years sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the fruits of our labor. But when we retire and stop working, we also stop earning..however, we do not stop spending, so we must be able to save money for our daily expenses. Aging is oftentimes associated with health issues, have you also prepared for future medical and long term care expenses? Self – insuring usually drains all your asset, would you want to spend your life’s saving paying for care out of pocket? When you have ltc insurance, you get quality care where and when you need it. Relying on medicaid will help you pay for ltc expenses but you don’t get to choose your caregiver nor your facility. So if you are looking forward to aging gracefully without being a burden to family members, it’s time for long term care planning. Asses your health, your current living situation and your finances, so you can tailor a policy that fits your needs and preference.



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