Planning for the Long Term

The problem that lies beneath long term care (LTC) insurance is that people only see the rate hike and the price of the premium, they tend to overlook the cost of care which is way higher than the premium. An ltci policy may cost you about $1,000/year depending on how you tailored your plan but the advantages you get far outweighs the cost of ltci. It does not only gives you financial advantage, but peace of mind as well, knowing that you will not be a burden to loved ones and that you will get the quality of care when and where you need it.

Here’s a guide to long term care planning: so you get to decide which policy suits your needs and preference.


As the Baby Boomer generation reaches traditional retirement age, there is more to worry about than whether or not their money will provide for basic living expenses throughout their retirement years.  Due to a number of factors, the reality is, Americans are living longer.   A century ago, the average American lived to the ripe old age of 47 years.  However, along with the passage of time, there has come a greater awareness of preventative lifestyle choices and major advances in healthcare; both resulting in the average life span rising to 77 years. ¹ Due to these factors, people must plan for a longer period of time spent in retirement.  In addition to funding one’s retirement, we encourage our clients to mitigate the risks that can derail their retirement plans and deplete their retirement savings.  One such risk, that is sometimes overlooked, is failing to plan for their long-term personal…

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