Being a long term care dependent with memory to deal with it?


When we age, we experience and encounter a lot of difficulties, difficulty in walking, reading, hearing and even remembering things. I remember how my grandmother keeps on forgetting who I am, she kept asking for my name and doesn’t even remember why she’s there. It is quite painful for me, my mom and dad. We have struggled for several years dealing with this situation. And this is where my passion for educating people about long term care started.

There have been many efforts to determine the cause of memory problem and other cognitive impairment among elders and long term care recipients who have dementia. Now, they have develop a game called Video Game Neuroracer which is proven to improve memory and concentration among elders. It also shows that their cognitive tasks are improved. How I wish this kind of game was developed decades ago, but I’m still glad that they have at least found a way to lessen the burden of people who suffers from memory and cognitive impairment.


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