Long term Care


The struggle that every adult children has to go through is when their aging parents do not have the funds to pay for the cost of care.  The lack of awareness of some seniors on the impact of long term care is one of the crisis faced by their loved ones, failing to include ltc insurance in your retirement plan can be devastating as it would result to several circumstance that we really do not want to deal with . Unfortunately, adult children are forced to quit their jobs, much to their disappointment, to provide care for their parents, in return, the parents don’t get the amount of care needed compared to those who are assisted by formal caregivers. Normally, they encounter financial difficulties, stress, depression and anxiety.

Discussing long term care (LTC) insurance with family members before the need arises is important, it would pave way for better planning if you know that your parents have alternate source of funds should there be a need for them to be on long term care. In addition, the care recipients will get quality care when they need it and where they need it.

Convincing parents successfully will give you peace of mind knowing that their future need is secured.



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