Are You (And Your Staff) Prepared For The Unthinkable?

In the aftermath of the Superstorm Sandy, we all must be prepared and be able to reassess the emergency procedures of LTC facilities to make sure that we maintain the well being of its residents. This article is worth reading, its main purpose is to keep the safety of long term care recipients because they are the ones who are in great need of help during natural disasters due to their conditions..


Good afternoon, ProviderNation.

Teaching disaster planning and emergency management concepts to long term care providers around the nation can be challenging when you consider that many Americans can never imagine themselves in the throes of disaster.

A large part of my curriculum focuses on the human reaction to crisis or disaster and barriers to response. Without a well-developed “culture” of preparedness, response, and recovery, providers may encounter less-than-successful outcomes during adverse events.

With the one-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy just past us, now is a good time to remember those who were lost as well as all who suffered the full impact of this historic disaster. It should not be forgotten that long term care providers were profoundly affected by Sandy, and many hard lessons were learned.

On the most basic level of developing a positive disaster planning and emergency management culture within a long term care facility, it is…

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