Holidays for Caregivers



In a recent study, there are more than 65 millions who are providing care to a loved one. They encounter stress and difficulties in a day to day basis. With the holidays still in the air, the lever of stress and depression that these caregiver experience gradually increase. They become overwhelmed with all the duties and celebration, not to mention that the caregiving task is already taking its toll on their family and personal life. They feel more pressure in taking care of the elders and their own kids as well during the holidays. However, it is still important for caregivers to be healthy and stress free in order for them to fulfill their duties. And one of the best way to reduce stress and pressure is to take a break…away from all of the things brought about by caregiving. You might wonder how will you be able to do this if you are tied up with all the responsibilities of being a care giver?  It doesn’t really mean that you will totally ignore or neglect long term care recipients, you may still enjoy your holiday break with them. You can still tag them along and organize a party with fellow caregivers and their care recipients. Prepare foods that is healthy for you and your care recipients, ask friends to help you out. This way, you may be able to celebrate every occasion from thanksgiving to new year – stress free…




2 thoughts on “Holidays for Caregivers

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