Launching of New look for Website

FORT MYERS, FL – ILTC is pleased to introduce itself with the launch of a new look for the website: The new website features enhanced resources designed exclusively for the readers.  It also offers an unconventional look and streamlined user experience, making it easier and faster for the users to navigate through pages. It also embodies new pages where you can find answers for frequently asked questions regarding long term care. 

The new look of the ILTC website  includes new sections providing explicit details about the latest development in the field of long term care.  Furthermore, the purpose for the new look of the website is to annunciate the brand’s extensive experience, expertise and knowledge on long term care planning. All of the text and images were carefully chosen and approved. This user-friendly website also features news and guides on topics related to long term care.

The key feature of the newly designed website is optimized browsing experience; you can easily toggle from one tab to another, with simplified navigation. The website is a true resource of information, ideas and planning strategies in order to help the readers understand the importance of long term care insurance.





Providing Valuable Long Term Care Knowledge to Recipients and Service Providers Alike

ILTC is one of the best information hubs covering the different areas or topics of long term care. does not just give useful information about long term care and long term care insurance. It also provides important knowledge and tips for both care recipients and service providers like caregivers. This user-friendly website also features news and guides on topics related to long term care. 



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