Long Term Care Studies and Their Effects on Public Opinion

It should be no surprise that long term care studies have a considerable effect in how the public perceives long term care as well as the viability of procuring their own private insurance policy to prepare for it. Spreading the correct information that’s taken from this research is very important in making sure that more people become aware of the necessity in planning for their future health care.

The main reason most are still hesitant in planning for their long term care through an insurance policy is that a majority of the releases and information pertaining to it mention the high costs of premiums. Combined with the economic difficulties that the country is facing, which have made more families more reluctant in purchasing things that they think they absolutely do not need yet, there’s still a low rate of acceptance in acquiring private policies.

Indeed, there are only ten million active insurance policies today according to data collected by top insurance carriers, which is very small compared to the number of Americans who will soon be needing long term care.

Because LTC is basically a concern that would only be an issue in the future, most are also unhurried in making plans for it, placing other priorities at the forefront of their to-do list instead. While all families of course have more pressing needs such as food, rent, and the like, they need to recognize that shifting priorities a bit and placing more importance in their future needs instead of on unnecessary major purchases like a new home or care would do much good in securing their health care.

This could become common public sentiment once more people know that not just one long term care study has shown that the rates of care services in the future would become almost unreachable by the time they would require it. Projected estimates of LTC show that services will cost as much as four times as they are today by the year 2030, when most baby boomers reach the age of 30. By then, only the very wealthy might be able to afford to pay LTC out of pocket.

There really needs to be a comprehensive long term care study from a trusted and familiar source that will show the merits of LTC insurance policies as a solution to the very relevant issue of health care in the future. It should include the relative range of yearly premiums today and how this steadily climbs year after year, which would show how buying early could really save a lot. It should also indicate how much paying for your care right now, when you’re still young and healthy and earning a steady income, is so much better and more viable than trying to make ends meet when you’re already aged.

Insurance companies have already made several long term care studies that highlight this very topic. However, the public is still keen to remember that it came from an entity that’s intent on selling products, so opinion may be biased. If the government or a non-profit organization respected by all could release one though, then maybe, finally, the country would see the risks they are actually facing by not preparing well ahead for long term care.


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