Long-Term Care: Partnership Programs

More and more Americans are now aware of the benefits and advantages of having long term care partnership program. For a better understanding of the benefits that you can get from long term care insurance partnership policy, read this helpful article: http://www.infolongtermcare.org/ltci-learning-center/long-term-care-partnership-program/

The Life Insurance Center

In a Long-Term Care (LTC) Partnership program, a state government and private health insurers work together to make available to residents of that state LTC policies that are “linked” to Medicaid. If a buyer of a Partnership LTC policy later faces long-term care needs that exceed the policy’s limits, he or she may apply for assistance from the state’s Medicaid program under more relaxed eligibility rules. This means that the policyholder may keep larger amounts of assets than would normally be allowed under the standard Medicaid guidelines. Please note that these relaxed eligibility rules only apply to assets that may be retained – all other standard Medicaid qualification guidelines apply.

For example, Michelle, a single woman, purchases a partnership LTC policy, which has a total benefit of $100,000. She later uses the full benefit of $100,000. She then applies for, and is eligible for, Medicaid. Because she had first received…

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