Long Term Care Ombudsman: Their Role in Your LTC Needs

Despite the care that most elderly persons receive, complaints may still arise from the nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other adult care facilities where they live in.  When these feedbacks accumulate, it is the main duty of the long term care ombudsman to review these feedbacks for these facilities.  There are different tasks involved for a person in this position, but their primary aim is to bring about improvements in the quality of care and life of an elderly person.  This may start at the local level, move up to the statewide and even as far as on a national setting.


Who Are They?

The Ombudsman Program started in 1972.  Back then, it started out as a demo project for the Public Health Service (PHS) where it was conducted in 5 states.  In 1974, this project was then transferred under the Administration on Aging under the Department of Health and Human Services.  This demonstration project has led the way for the Older Americans Act in 1978 (under Public Law 95 -478). In 1987, the program was given a separate authorization for appropriations.  In 1992, this was program was incorporated into the new Title VII of the Act which includes the rights of elderly citizens.  It has now evolved into the program it is now today which is to assist our elderly citizens when it comes to their rights for long term care.

What they Do?

Currently, the long term care ombudsman program covers 53 states including the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.   They assist residents of nursing homes, boarding care homes and similar adult care facilities. They provide information and consultation regarding the elderly’s rights on long term care facilities. They also work to resolve conflicts that arise between elderly consumers and the providers for the LTC services.  This program also reviews and handles complaints that would relate to the quality of care and life of residents in these facilities.

How Can They Help You?

As this office focus on feedbacks and complaints from residents in these adult care facilities, they work in finding a solution for these complaints that arise.  Some of the common complaints they work on are the improper eviction practices and process that they adult care facilities employ.   They would also handle complaints regarding the resident’s dissatisfaction in the facility that they are living in or the individual providing these services.  If there is something that you find unsatisfactory or you would need further consultation when it comes to long term care, you can get in touch with this office in your state to file your complaint or ask for assistance.

The position of the long term care ombudsman is created primarily to protect the rights of elderly citizens.  It is to ensure that they receive quality care and attention especially if they are living in adult care facilities such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities.  If you have any complaints or would like to request for assistance, you can visit or get in touch with the assigned LTC ombudsman in your area.  You can also request for information regarding your long term care needs.

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