You Might Be a Caregiver

there are millions of people who provide care for their loved ones, who takes great responsibility and difficulties as well in doing their duties. All of them should be considered as caregivers. In the process of giving care to other people or their loved ones, they tend to forget themselves. Often times, caregiving is connected to long term care recipients since they are the ones who need it most. Take a look at related articles about caregivers and caregiving for more informative information regarding this topic:

Long-term Care Diary

I watched this video today and it got me thinking. It’s a very entertaining and light look into caregiving and how people could tell if they’re a caregiver or not.

After watching, I realized, maybe they made the video because people really can’t tell or don’t know when to consider themselves to be a caregiver. Then I thought, is it because they really don’t know or maybe it’s also due to their denial? Maybe most of us refuse to be branded as the “official” caregiver of our parents, spouse, or other relatives.

Another reason could be our definition or image of what is a caregiver. Does the term strictly apply only to someone who changes adult diapers, spoon-feeds an elderly patient, or helps in bathing an incapacitated person?

For me, we should widen the scope of caregiving. Even if you are not 100 percent involved, even you’re not the one…

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