Major Services and Facilities for Senior Long Term Care

Seniors require long term care if they need constant medical treatment due to health problems. Those who are too weak for daily activities need caregiver assistance. There are many senior long term care services offered in a wide range of locations.

Nothing is more fulfilling for senior citizens than receiving care from family members within their own homes. Few families in the US conduct this approach to long term care. In-home care is usually provided by volunteers, social service workers, and professional caregivers.

There are seniors who prefer in-home care because they live with their families or they are still in good shape. For seniors with relatively frail bodies, they get assistance with bathing, dressing, going to the toilet, and moving throughout the house. Other in-home care services include home-delivered meals and regular maintenance of the house’s interior and exterior.

People who choose in-home care usually pay it from their own savings or through financial support from family and relatives. Private insurance companies also provide insurance policies that cover in-home care benefits. If backed by Medicare, this type of long term care service is called ‘home health care.’

Different Long Term Care Facilities for Specific Needs

Aside from within homes, senior long term care can be received in facilities. Groups of senior citizens may live together in assisted living facilities. These facilities provide housing, bedrooms, kitchens, laundry, and other comforts.

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Seniors with weakened bodies can still avail with assistance for daily activities in such facilities. Assisted living facilities may also provide medication. Additional services include home maintenance and around-the-clock security.

Nursing homes, on the other hand, are specifically made for seniors who require medical attention and similar needs that cannot be provided in a home setting. Caregivers, nurses, and doctors make sure that their recipients eat a balanced diet and take prescribed medication regularly. Residents receive immediate medical help when symptoms of illnesses get worse.

In addition, seniors can be relocated to nursing homes after a request for respite care. Family members and even caregivers may find it too difficult to take care of some seniors. They can ask other people to look after these seniors, and this is called respite care. Reasons for respite care include serious ailments and mental impairment.

Retirement communities generally accommodate more seniors than assisted living facilities. Long term care service in these facilities may vary according to individual requirements of seniors living there.

Even healthy seniors who prefer to live independently have long term care facilities specifically for them. Supportive housing programs enable lower or middle class seniors to live in affordable homes. These programs are managed by either the state government or the federal government.

Because residents of supportive housing programs are generally healthy, long term care benefits in these facilities are lighter. Services include housekeeping, transportation, and delivery of groceries or cooked meals.

Aside from these options, there are also long term care facilities for seniors who have terminal illnesses. The type of care under this setting is called hospice care. There are specially designed facilities for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental complications. They receive caregiver assistance, medical treatment, and therapy in these facilities.

These are the options for senior long term care services and facilities. They are also covered by various long term care insurance policies.


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