Long-term care insurance? Hmmm . . .

To be able to come up with a good decision in getting long term care insurance, people needs to be informed..they should be given varieties of choices to choose from and they should be able to know what to do and what not to do when purchasing a long term care insurance http://www.infolongtermcare.org/what-not-to-do-with-long-term-care-insurance


Ever considered long-term care insurance (LTC)?  Well, we thought it would be helpful to pass along a few articles to help us learn about all the pros and cons.  As you decide whether or not it’s the right strategy for you, you might want to review some of these sites:

Does Medicare pay for long-term care services? How about skilled care at home?photo  How long can services be provided?  Check out The US Department of Health and Human Services  to see  a very informative website that answers these questions and more.

What restrictions do insurance companies impose?  Are you required to only use services from licensed professionals?  Can you choose any nursing home?  Does your  policy cover assisted living?  If you click on  AARP you will find a number of website pages that address these topics. 

Did you know that there are at least 3 different…

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