The Future of Robots in Long Term Care

We used to see robots in televisions and movies, nowadays, the use of robotics is no longer fictional as they are already being implemented in some long term care facilities. They are used to help prevent or even decrease depression among the elderly who are long term care insurance claimants. Based on, there are even robots who assist surgeons in doing surgery and other medical procedure.

Aging Matters

IMG_7712Photograph by Ari Seth Cohen

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) describes robots as machines that can be used to do jobs. In today’s society it has become commonplace for robots to routinely perform manufacturing and military jobs. But what if robots were created to do nursing and recreational therapy jobs in long term care homes?

According to an article in Maclean’s magazine entitled The Curse of Small Families the government of Japan recently granted $25 million to 24 companies to develop ‘nursing care robot equipment’. The Japan Times quotes an executive involved in the project as saying that by 2018 they hope to, “achieve a situation where every senior citizens’ home, or one in every three or four facilities, will have at least one.”

Japan’s Toyota Partner Robot Company is one of the corporations involved in the nursing care robot project. Partner Robot is a series of robots…

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