Why Elder Care Should Matter to You Too

Although the government may not be prepared for the growing populations of the elderly, there are still non some organizations who provide elderly support: http://www.infolongtermcare.org/senior-caregiver-support/elderly-caregiver-support-organization/. I commend your willingness to provide updated news and information on the issues about aging and even consider being on long term care because there are instances when families find it hard to discuss about aging ang long term health care

Across the Divide

I’m committed to finding ways to advocate for aging populations. And while I’ve been lax with original content for this space, I have been dutifully keeping up with the latest in issues relating to seniors, aging, dementia and elder care. I do so by reading as much as I can on these subjects whenever I can steal a moment.

With a rapidly aging global population and the likelihood of more individuals than ever before being afflicted with dementia,there seems to be a new study or report released every day. Many of these studies are from  highly reputable institutions. Others are from businesses looking to profit off the coming “grey tsunami” .

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